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This animation was inspired by my exolith.form[] series of digital prints. The organism has been constructed from a series of mathematical splines that are altered in a progressive manner to create both similarity and variation. I was inspired by Ernst Haeckel’s drawings that popularized Darwin’s work as well as his own theory on biological development in the late 19th century. His drawings seemed to find order in nature and purpose in the structures that felt at once organic and manufactured.

animation & music: Bryan Leister, format: HD 1920 X 1280, runtime: 05 min, © 2011

  form.10 by Bryan Leister
  form.09 by Bryan Leister
  form.08 by Bryan Leister
  form.07 by Bryan Leister
  form.05 by Bryan Leister
  form.04 by Bryan Leister
  form.03 by Bryan Leister
  form.02 by Bryan Leister
  form.01 by Bryan Leister
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