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Serious Play | Bryan Leister
Installation view

Serious Play

The Denver Art Museum commission me to create an interactive display for the 2019 Serious Play exhibition exploring mid-century modernism and its link to play. The show was co-curated by Darrin Alfred, curator of architecture and design at the DAM, and Monica Obniski, Demmer Curator of 20th and 21st Century Design at the Milwaukee Art Museum. I worked with the curator and the Denver Art Museum’s Interpretive Specialist for Architecture, Design & Graphics Ann Baier Lambson’s team to conceptualize the project and implement the design.

This project required extensive programming, 3D modeling, testing and user experience (UX) research. CU Research assistant Cydni Phan provided UX research and testing, as well as lettering and interface design work. Early on it was decided that a sketch style was appropriate and we were inspired by the drawings of Ray Eames and Eileen J. Aureli’s watercolor for the Monsanto House of the Future.

  screenshot 4 by Bryan Leister
  screenshot 3 by Bryan Leister
  screenshot 2 by Bryan Leister
  screenshot 1 by Bryan Leister
  placing furniture by Bryan Leister
  denver art museum installation by Bryan Leister
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