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Installation view

La Malinche

Explore this intricate tapestry illustrating the events of the Spanish Conquest nearly 500 years ago. Artist Leslie Tillett used pictorial records from the 1500s and 1600s—such as the Florentine and Azcatitlan Codices (book-form manuscripts), to inform the textile’s individual scenes. He then worked with a group of embroiderers to create this 100-foot-long tapestry, which includes depictions of Malinche’s role in the conflict.

The application was designed for the Denver Art Museums Traitor, Survivor, Icon – The Legacy of La Malinche exhibition and installed in the gallery as a touch screen. The original tapestry can only be displayed in a small section and was located nearby. The touch screen allows visitors to explore the entirety of the tapestry.

Available on the Apple Store and Google Play

  screenshot 1 by Bryan Leister
  screenshot by Bryan Leister
  chapter markers where malinche appears by Bryan Leister
  zooming into the tapestry by Bryan Leister
  winning the match game by Bryan Leister
  playing the match game by Bryan Leister
  full screen view with timeline below by Bryan Leister
  denver art museum installation by Bryan Leister
  cortez and malinche by Bryan Leister
  close up of the tillet tapestry by Bryan Leister
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