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This is a great story about something I’ve been noticing for a while – The gradual disappearance of Flash-based Websites (as he types from his Word-Pressed powered mobile-accessible web site). It goes into much greater detail than I ever could and I think summarizes the state of the field right now. At the bottom are some great examples of cutting-edge html5 technology like Chrome Canopy.

I think Flash really paved the way for high-level user-interactivity and has greatly influenced the field. Will Flash still be influential? It is really hurting them when Apple doesn’t support Flash on mobile devices. On the other hand, does Apple risk losing market share to Android by it’s very ‘Microsoft-like’ behavior?

I really hope and wish that Java applets would become as ubiquitous and well-supported as javascript in browsers. It’s such a disappointment that it Java apps never really work in the browser, at least on a mac, considering Java is an open source framework I don’t know why it’s not supported more by Apple. Maybe it’s not needed with javascript (which has no relationship to Java, BTW) advancing at such a clip, but one can hope!

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