Packaging: Dimensional Hierarchy

1. Study the identity, graphic design and information included in a design for a package. You may pick an item of your choice (vitamins, tea, coffee, candy, etc. )
2. Analyze and explain the “story” of the existing package and the new “story” that you will create for it.
3. Devise a new updated package and graphic identity for your item X. Consider how objects sit together on a shelf and are bathed in shadow and light.
4. Use type, color fields, and graphic elements to carry the viewer’s eye around the dimensional form, often making a visual connection with neighboring packages when stacked side by side or vertically .
5. Make each of the two products in the series distinct and recognizable yet also clearly related to the overall brand identity.
6. You may use traditional 3D design, Cinema 4D, Illustrator, Photoshop to create your product design. The finished piece will be a high-quality rendering or photograph of the package.

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