Taking the pain out of game development

Very cool!  Unity now adds Flash export to the platforms it will support. This is great news for Unity developers and should allow the production of gpu-driven Flash games.  Just having the ability to code in C# and deploy to Flash is going to be super-cool!

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  1. Niiice. This is a very interesting development. I helps reinforce the fact that Unity is becoming the premiere game development engine to know/use. I wonder how Flash will handle 3D though…I can be a little slow with 2D.

  2. I think that’s what’s new – Flash will finally use the gpu as they implement molehill. It seems like Adobe is going to focus on back-end development and allow third-party platforms like Unity to take advantage of the backend that they develop.

    The big question for me is what happens to AS3? It has not received much love from designers or developers who were used to AS2. I think developers would prefer to work in C# if they had a choice.

    Seems like the real question is how Apple is going to deal with all the game content that is going to be developed on Flash. Apple is wanting to get into gaming, but how can they do that if most games are Flash or Unity based?

  3. Oh I see, I’m very interested in what Adobe will continue to do with Flash too. I think the company is smart enough to evolve it into something great in the advent of SilverLight and non compatible Apple products. I have started to look into C# myself, and it is a VERY handy language to know. I’ll probably start learning it…AFTER thesis lol.

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