Friday Flash #4

Tonight two of my films, namaste and Indistinct Boundaries #2, will be shown at Denver’s Friday Flash #4. The screening will be at Champa and 14th on the large LED screen visible from the street. From the Friday Flash promo:

The Denver Theatre District and Denver Digerati present Friday Flash No.4, a program of motion based art by resident artists from Denver’s RedLine Studios. RedLine is a diverse urban laboratory where art, education and community converge, and one of the most respected artist residency programs in the region. RedLine engages approximately 15 to 20 artists at any given time for durations of up to three years, with a structure that supports both emerging and mentoring contemporary artists. Friday Flash No. 4 will present works by some of the current crop of resident artists who have a concentration in motion-based art or have projects that extend into that realm, including Katie Martineau-Caron, Nikki Pike, Katie Watson, Lurke (Laura Shill in collaboration with Burke Miles), Donald Fodness (in collaboration with Barry Whittaker and Mike Bernhardt) as well as Bryan Leister and Justin Beard, two commissioned artists for Friday Flash No 5. The works will be shown on the LED screen at 14th and Champa Street in downtown Denver on Friday, August 9th starting at 6:30 PM.

Festival Animator 2010

My film, P.R. was invited to be screened at the Festival Animator 2010 in Poznan, Poland as part of the Black Maria compilation reel.

“Since the first Animator we have tried to present animated film in all of its diversity, neither neglecting narratives nor “ballets of light”, nor anything in between. Lovers of large productions based on verbal stories will find in this year’s program, among other works, the beautiful fable by Michael Ocelota “Azur and Asmar”. From the other end of the spectrum we will view the latest works of American independent artists – including George Griffin, Joanna Priestley and Emy Kravitz—who often experiment with methods of narration and means of expression. …”

Marcin Gizycki
Artistic Director of the festival”

More iPad mags

I love the way this looks! From a print design, illustrator’s point of view you have to be excited by the visual qualities of the iPad. I can see a new design sector developing – ‘Motion Illustration’.