Leister.2.0 is finally live!

I’ve been working on a new site design for the last few weeks and would like to announce that it’s finally been launched! Let me know what you think!

For my design friends that are curious, the whole site is done in WordPress, which is a free content management system that you can install on most web sites. It is basically a blog setup, but it is pretty easy to customize it so that it does not look like a blog. There are a ton of cool plug-ins and built-in features that make managing a complex site very easy. For example, for my image pages I can upload all of my images at once and they are automatically formatted into a gallery. I can create a new post, and it will be added to my navigation and menu areas in the appropriate place.

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Site Design with Word Press

Today I have decided to start redesigning my site using Word Press. I have previously used Drupal, although mostly as a testing platform. I like WordPress because I think a blog format for my new site design makes the most sense and will allow me to easily update everything in one place.

One of my main goals in a new design is to integrate my exhibitions, images and documentation so that it is all easily accessible in multiple formats. I plan to have a PDF printable version of my CV page, as well as all of my documentation. I have already found that integrating WP plug-ins to be very enjoyable and productive. If you are viewing this on an iPhone, I have implemented the WPTouch plugin so that the page works like an iPhone App.

As I progress, I will talk about what I have done to create the design.