Processing Tag Cloud

This is a screen capture from a Processing Tag Cloud application that I wrote for my web site that displays a tag cloud with the diameter of the circles determined by the number of tags and a random tag as the fulcrum point. My idea was to highlight the most frequently used terms in my site while also drawing attention to a new random tag each time a person visits the site. Hovering will freeze a tag in position, while clicking will take you to posts with that tag.

The physics I am using are based off the Bouncy Bubbles Processing application written by Keith Peters. The data loads the most popular tags from a text file created by WordPress. The file is a static text file called test.txt, which is created on the fly. The information is parsed into an array for use in Processing. The original tag cloud is on my tag cloud page.

VIew and Download the Source Code and Browser Java Applet

code: Bryan Leister, license: Creative Commons, ©© 2009