One Three Dimensional Chair

One Three Dimensional Chair

An augmented sculpture by Bryan Leister and Becky Heavner, One Three Dimensional Chair is both real and virtual, the steel sculpture and printed pattern is an abstract exploration of form. These patterns trigger an image of a virtual chair on a mobile device or tablet when the iOS or Android application below is installed. When the pattern is recognized by the application, a ‘real’ chair will appear in context to the space and can be interacted with.

Like Kosuth, we question the representation of things. The chair is an object, a description of properties and an instance of the object. In code, the chair is a collection of deconstructed one-dimensional parts as it is in reality. The internal logic of the form is mapped on the form itself. The patterns are tracings by virtual entities or agents who travel around the form, leaving a record of their path. The viewing device uses this record to display a form to the viewer that can be further manipulated and augmented with virtual living beings.

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media: steel, iOS, Android, completed 2013

Registration Image

Print the image below and place the printed page on a table. Point your mobile device at the image to see the projection.


Agent created Pattern

The video below is a recording of agents traveling over the surface of the sculpture design. This was used to generate the pattern in the final sculpture.