Original BaseLayer theme
Original BaseLayer theme

BaseLayer is a project that I developed as a WordPress theme for artists who want to display and document their work on a web site. It has since been superseded by BaseLayer Three, which is a bit more modern and structured to work with WordPress 3+. I am still offering these themes for free, but no longer support or work on them. All future work is on BaseLayer Three so I would recommend using it instead.

There are built-in galleries for displaying groups of images and a system to keep track of titles, captions and descriptions for each piece of artwork. Printing from an image page will print in a professional dossier format and new blog entries can be made to automatically create a line in an artist resume or CV.

View some video tutorials about how to use BaseLayer as well as details on the [vita], [gallery] and [slideshow] here.

Download BaseLayer for WordPress: BaseLayerThemes1.57ALL

The main features of BaseLayer are:

  • Portfolio pages with thumbnails and slideshows
  • Documentation system that flows blog entries onto a curriculum vitae and artist resume
  • Cascading menus that include sub-pages
  • Customizable settings such as colors and font choices
  • Use of standard WordPress features such as [gallery] shortcode

Code: Bryan Leister, license: Creative Commons, ©© 2010

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