A full dome project presented in the Gates Planetarium at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. The film is an experiment exploring the immersive possibilities of the dome projection environment. What is seen at the top of this dome master frame appears directly behind the audience, while the audience is more or less focused on the lower third of the frame. The perspective of the columns appear vertical to the audience.

Daniel Neafus was instrumental in allowing access to the dome and encouraged the development of this project to coincide with the film GreenIt, created by students in Digital Design at the University of Colorado Denver. The computation needed to generate 4000 pixel square frames was provided by the Digital Design labs at the College of Arts and Media, University of Colorado Denver’s computer labs. The sound was custom created for the 16.4 channel surround sound that is part of the Gates Planetarium. Prof. Leslie Gaston assisted graduate students in producing the sound track for the film.

Directed and animated by Bryan Leister, Sound Design: Jay Schamberg and Andrew White, Sound Effects: Jay Schamberg, Andrew White and Jake Montenegro, Special Thanks to Aaron Thomas and Becky Heavner, runtime: 03 min : 44 sec, ©2009