Pygmalion’s Challenge

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Pygmalion’s Challenge

The main goal of our game is to unlock the sculptures in the garden, bringing the characters to life. The installation version of Pygmalion’s Challenge is installed at the Parthenon Museum in Nashville. Players must move in and around the grounds between sculptural markers and the treasury located in the back of the Parthenon to collect coins using their iPhone or Android. Players collect coins, as many as they can carry and then deposit them at the Parthenon. They then get a key and return to the garden to release colorful animated characters from the sculptures. Players will have the opportunity to pose with the virtual characters and share photos with friends on social media. We hope you come out to play. It is designed for kids, but all ages can play.

Play at home!

To play at home, print out all of the markers below and place them around your yard or neighborhood. The animal markers will display the sculptures and the Treasury marker will display the keys for you to collect. Place the Treasury marker farther away, so it’s more fun to run back and forth!

butterflyfrogladybuglizardrabbittreasuryMarkerRabbitCUFF lizardCUFF FrogCUFF LadyBugCUFF ButterflyCUFF