DNO : Rasa’s Journey

Guide Rasa on her journey as she collects lost DNA, and breathes life back into the broken planet. DNO is a continuous side-scrolling platformer that shows remnants of the once great planet Lira. Unlock creatures that once dwelled here, through the use of a unique card collection system, and use power-ups to make your way through each level. The seed awakens, and an entirely new landscape lies before it…

…How will you choose to recreate the world?

Game Design: David Clements, Ethan Zink
Audio: Will Justice
Lead Developer: Bryan Leister
Gui & Ux: David Clements, Bryan Leister
Lead Artist/Animator: Ethan Zink
Technical Artist: Ethan Zink
Research Assistant: Jacob Silvera
Testers: Dan Christensen, Joe Churik, Jacob Silvera