A Message for Survivors


A Message for Survivors

“All utopias require mapping, their social order depends upon and generates a spatial order which reorganizes and improves upon existing models.”

When all is lost, there is a desire to live on, even if the means of doing so is irrational or desperate. I have provided a means for people to send a message to the survivors of the 2012 Mayan apocalypse. Visitors to the exhibition could record a video and see it dispersed onto 30 video screens contained inside bottles hanging in the gallery. Visitors could walk up to a wall-mounted iPad and were prompted to record a short video message.


The message was instantly broadcast and then archived for future re-broadcasts. This project was a site-specific installation created for the 2012 Art Prize exhibition in Grand Rapids, MI at the Urban Institute of Contemporary Art. During the exhibition more than 2000 people recorded messages which I have archived for the future.

media: iPad, 7 video splitters, 30 glass bottles, a lot of wires completed: 2012