Creating 2D and 3D content for video games

A 2-Day workshop for artists and designers

Watkins College of Art and Design, Room #403

Attendees will learn how art assets are generated for both 2D and 3D video games. The focus for this workshop will be on creating and using game assets – image sprites, existing 3D models and how to prepare 3D models for use in game engines. Artists of all skill levels are encouraged to attend, artwork can be scanned in or created digitally. Attendees will see how game engines blend motion capture clips to create character animations.

Day One

Introduction the game environment, what it looks like and how it works. Using a stub game project (to be available on we will look at how 2D images are used and draw out plans for using your own imagery. We will place your sketches into the game, test out game play and plan for final images and sprite animation.

Day Two

Continuing with your project, you will place your finished 2D sprites and your animated sprites to create a first level in your game. We will add some simple details using 3D renderings to see how you can add depth to a 2D game using 3D models.

2D Workshop Take Away
You will leave the workshop with a playable 2D platform style game, using your own art assets. You will also have learned how 2D assets can be used to provide animation, and to simulate depth.

Workshop Game Project

Demo Player

Useful Resources

An Introduction to Sprites
Unity 2D Tutorial

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