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I have a solo show located at the CU South Denver campus. The show features work that represents my ongoing interest in technology and the art of communicating visually. The show is hung chronologically, beginning with early work using egg tempera and oil paint, which were created while I was a student at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond.

The illustrations that I created in the early part of my career include book covers, posters and magazine covers and consist of oil paintings with the occasional use of gold leaf. Many of the works on view have never been shown before including a cover for Time magazine and a portrait of Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith based on Van Eyck’s Arnolfini portrait.

Later work includes digital illustration, digital encaustic paintings and objects that combine the use of digital video and 3D printing. I wanted to create a show that encompassed all of my work. At first, it may seem odd that old-master style paintings would now be programming and making interactive installations. But, I think all of the work shows an interest in technology, old and new. And my interest in drawing the viewer in, trying to provide an experience that is unreal, but real at the same time.

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