CU Wayfinding Application

Commission to convert Digital Design students DPAC Usher application to native Apple and Android augmented reality application. This app will be used for wayfinding at the Denver Performing Arts Center showing motion graphics produced by CU Denver design students.

President’s Fund for the Humanities award

We are grateful for the President’s Fund for the Humanities award we received to bring Aram Bartholl to CU Denver for an exhibition and artist talk at the Emmanuel Art Gallery. Bartholl traveled from Berlin, Germany, to come to Denver for his show and talk. Bartholl worked closely with CU Denver students for ten days to create an installation at the gallery. The art explores the impact of the digital surveillance world on the real world and the impact is has in our lives. It was especially applicable to College students, exploring ideas of identity in social media, bullying, surveillance, detachment from reality, violence in video games, online privacy, net neutrality, and many other timely and poignant concepts. The $3,000 award helped tremendously with costs to install the exhibition, bring the artist out, and engage students.

NSF Learning+ Grant application

Submitted an application for a Learning+ grant “WeAreHuman”. A Science Learning+ research project to understand how informal and novel learning experiences can shape attitudes and provide information to populations that are currently underserved, unmotivated and lacking the confidence to engage with Sciences, Technologies, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

Researchers in the US (University of Colorado Denver) and UK (the Glasgow School of Art, the University of Nottingham) working with practitioners at planetaria in the US (Gates Planetarium in Denver Museum of Natural Science) and UK (Planetarium at the Glasgow Science Centre) share a common interest in Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) with research and practical expertise in design research, human computer interaction and informal learning of STEM.

L’Enfant – Textile Museum

My painting of Pierre L’Enfant will appear in an exhibition at the George Washington University Museum and the Textile Museum in Washington, DC. for the exhibition The Civil War and the Making of Modern Washington.