Ucross Artist Residency

I am honored to have been selected for a 4 week residency at Ucross. The Ucross Foundation has been awarding residencies since 1981. It is the ‘gift of time’ that I appreciate so much. I will be spending my time developing a video game based on the migration of the Miller’s Moth.

FLEX IT! My Body My Temple


Pygmalion’s Challenge Installation

Installation pictures of a new augmented reality game and interactive sculpture on the grounds of the Parthenon Museum in Nashville Tennessee for FLEX IT! My Body My Temple developed in collaboration with Landscape Sculptor/Designer Becky Heavner.

Our installation for the Parthenon is a mobile augmented reality game called Pygmalion’s Challenge. In June, we had the help of nine volunteers who installed the markers for our game. If you walk around the grounds, you will see the markers. They are aluminum square pieces with animal-shapes cut from each center. They are angled and set in the earth with plants growing in and around them.

Check back in mid-August on the Pygmalion’s Challenge game page for links to download the game designed for iOS and Android.

Redline Resource Artist Residency

I was recently honored to be awarded a two-year Resource Artist residency at Redline Denver. The residency comes with studio space and opportunities to network with local artists and curators. Redline describes the program as:

RedLine’s Resource Artist Program is a mentoring platform for Artist-in-Residence to connect and engage with prominent Denver-based artists. RedLine dedicates studio space to Resource Artists adjacent to our Artist-in-Residence studios to facilitate and foster these relationships.

The University & College Designers Association

39th ANNUAL UCDA DESIGN COMPETITION (2009) – Excellence Award for a cover that I did for Pinnacle Magazine.

The print judges of the 39th Annual UCDA Design Competition evaluated nearly 1,300 entries, awarding 291 awards — 16 Gold Awards, 17 Silver Awards and 258 Awards of Excellence.

“The UCDA was founded in 1970 as the nations first and only association for professionals involved in the creation of visual communications for educational institutions. Over the years, it has grown to an organization comprised of more than 1000 members throughout the United States and Canada.”

Curator’s Incubator

The six artists included in anti-matter: recontextualizing the material all use materials in an individualistic way that emphasizes process, instability and familiarity. The incorporation of high and low materials by artists represents a shift in attitudes towards the conventional that is culturally significant and personal at the same time. The work of Suzanna Fields, Helen Frederick, Alberto Gaitan, Morgan Kennedy, Susan Noyes and Jennie Thwing are representative of how artists are searching for new interpretations and meanings from common materials. Through recombinant technology, whether digitally based or not, these artists reflect a yearning for familiar ground in a changing landscape.

Essay for the catalogue, co-authored by Susan Serafin and Bryan Leister