In April of 2011 I had a solo show, Uncategorized, open at Ironton Gallery in Denver. Ironton is well known in the Denver area for presenting experimental work and this installation was chosen by a jury of Ironton Studio artists as one of only 5 non-member artists invited to show in their space each year. Art critic Kyle MacMillan had this to say about the show in the the Denver Post:

“In his tech-driven, boundary-blurring art, Bryan Leister creates hermetic, contemplative worlds which draw inspiration from nature yet, ironically, are manufactured and artificial.

In “Uncategorized,” an exhibition at the Ironton Gallery, 3636 Chestnut Place, the highly accomplished illustrator- turned-artist explores a range of imaging technologies.

In the most attention-grabbing of the seven offerings, “intervention [0],” he uses video- game technology to create an interactive work in which a pair of pincers, hovering above a kind of petri dish, shift according to the movements of viewers in front of it.”

The artificially natural art of Bryan Leister blurs borders
Denver Post, April 22, 2011

For the exhibition, which consisted of an installation covering the entire gallery I showed a collection of work including in transit, the exolith series of prints and a new interactive work called intervention[0].

Mouse of Amherst

A game-driven visual that I designed will be part of Jane Franklin’s dance performance this Wednesday at the Kennedy Center Millenium Stage. You can view the performance in person or through the Kennedy Center live feed at 6PM EST. My animations are stylized Black and White children’s book looking artwork originally created for the Mouse of Amherst.

Mouse of Amherst

The Mouse of Amherst
adapted from the book by Elizabeth Spires
A performance for children
Theatre on the Run, Arlington
Dec 4 at 11:00 am and 1:00 pm, Dec 5 at 1:00 pm

From the Jane Franklin Dance Company:

After a successful premier weekend in October, the show repeats featuring Bryan Leister?s gaming technology projections and original music by Paul Musso, Mark Sylvester and Steve Rogers. An unlikely friendship develops between Emily Dickinson and a lively mouse. Children learn that everyone can write about their feelings and even a mouse can create poetry. Adapted from the book by Elizabeth Spires, this engaging new work will the spark imagination and delight children and adults.

Mouse of Amherst


A piece that I recently completed for the Jane Franklin Dance company. Click on the image for a web version of the game with instructions for navigating through the piece. Using game engine technology I have created set animations and scenes, commonly referred to as ‘cut-scenes’. These are not pre-recorded animations, but are real-time motions where the outcome will never be the same twice.

I chose a stylized visual approach to blend with the dancers motions. A video is available from a recent Kennedy Center Millenium Stage performance.

Happiness is around the bend

Amazing demo scene that shows what you can do in realtime, with enough time! If you don’t know what a demoscene is, check out the wiki, it’s pretty cool that this is just done for fun. It’s not promoting or selling anything other then the skills of the artists.