Apple vs. Adobe

What a pain, Apple is restricting development for the iPhone and iPad with their new terms of service. Not only is that going to hinder indie development with such tools as Unity, but it just seems like Apple feels less choice is better. I think they are forgetting that their biggest product – the iPhone – is big precisely because of the tons of apps created for it. I, for one, can remember when there were hardly any apps available for the Mac and Apple seemed doomed. Things turned around as they opened the mac to development by converting to a Unix-based operating system.

Supporting standards is good, but why does Apple have to block specific tools?

Now, Adobe is both suing and dropping what sounded like a great development for Flash, to be able to develop Flash-based apps for the iPhone. Apple claims performance suffers from apps written with a translator, but I seem to remember Apple going on about the Motorola processor, RISC-based systems being vastly superior and there was no way Intel could continue to improve speed. As I recall, those processors never worked as good as advertised, Intel did figure out how to make chips faster and now, happy days we have Intel processors in Macs and they run great. I’m not sure I believe Apple’s line of argument on this one.

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