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Digital Body – Kinetic Sculptures

This fall students in interactive design will be collaborating with sculpture students on a kinetic sculpture project about the Digital Body. I am very interested in the topic of how we are existing today, whether our online state is significantly different from our off-line. Continue reading Digital Body – Kinetic Sculptures

Curator’s Incubator

The six artists included in anti-matter: recontextualizing the material all use materials in an individualistic way that emphasizes process, instability and familiarity. The incorporation of high and low materials by artists represents a shift in attitudes towards the conventional that is culturally significant and personal at the same time. The work of Suzanna Fields, Helen Frederick, Alberto Gaitan, Morgan Kennedy, Susan Noyes and Jennie Thwing are representative of how artists are searching for new interpretations and meanings from common materials. Through recombinant technology, whether digitally based or not, these artists reflect a yearning for familiar ground in a changing landscape.

Essay for the catalogue, co-authored by Susan Serafin and Bryan Leister