Joan of Arc: A Constellation of Voices

Set Design Comps

Here are the comp proposals submitted by the Digital Design students. We will use this area to comment about the ideas and to decide on the 3 basic set designs to use for the show. Through lighting, textures and animations the environments will be customized for the specific scenes to be performed.

Read the Synopsis and Times for the Performances

5 Replies to “Joan of Arc: A Constellation of Voices”

  1. OK, I’ll be the first to reply so we can get the lurkers to speak up. I think that many of these have a strong mood, some of the darker images might look too dark on screen here but be sure to look at the details because I think the darkness works really well in the dome format.

  2. I am very impressed with mood pallette and the possibilities – call me reactionary, but I don’t think text works that well…I think those environments with the potential of movement (clouds, branches) might be a great counterpoint to the more fixed environments…there are only a handful that I cannot imagine using – I’ll respoind in more detail later this evening. Thanks very much, Bryan & company!

  3. FIRST I want to say WOW…such cool things….
    SO THESE ARE QUICK FIRST IMPRESSIONS, I’m at work, and wanted to respond quickly so as to get the ball rolling.

    In no particular order, the following are thoughts that I had about some of the images. I did not comment on all of them. For some the image fits with the images that I’ve been sensing in my own head, which doesn’t mean anything other than it fits my own limited imagination.

    I prefer the abstract over the too literal, but that’s just me. I also like images that do not specifically depict a specific time.

    Nature Exterior #5 “nature exterior” actually fits for me for the Dark Knight scene, even if my interpretational use in that scene is a bit too cliche (interrogation light).

    Nature Exterior #9 nature scene feels like an slant homage to surrealist art and is the beginning of something that fits in my mind for meadow scene. I would be interested in seeing this evolve, not sure the direction, though…

    Nature Exterior #4 nature exterior feels very evocative and creepy in a good way.

    Nature Exterior #1 piece is also evocative, the colors feel a little psychadelic, but intriguing…something about this works for me…

    Urban Exterior #5 is one I like because it seems a nice combination of 1400/2000 in terms of time, as it could exist in either, and in neither, the bareness of the timbers and the geometry appeal to me…This one stays with me in my head, as I move from image to image…

    Interior #5 interior dome image also has that ambiguity, yet specificity of time that I appreciate.

    Interior #1 is also quite evocative; although, it initially struck me as a playground merry-go-round, and I would like to see where this image might evolve…right now…again, just for me, something is too literal about it…Maybe the colors feel too stark?

    Interior #2 has a foreboding quality that feels like being saddled with France! This one keeps resonating in my head too.

    Interior #3 piece also feels like a nod to surrealism, and feels stark, would like to see it in action, perhaps the blocks move?

    and Urban Exterior #7 , not sure what to say, but I kept looking at it, and I went back to it several times, so that means something for me!

    Personally, I don’t like anything with words, as I feel there’s already so much to take in within the dome environment…

    So, some initial thoughts at 3:18 in the afternoon!


  4. Thanks Petra and Laura for such good comments. We talked about all of the comps in the afternoon class and it really helps to get more points of view. It’s interesting about the words, I had found that intriguing, but I could see where words in a scene would sort of take over a scene. Something that I don’t necessarily think about as an illustrator.

    For everyone’s benefit, Petra is playing Joan. I would like to try to make a decision tonight so that Wednesday in class we can start lighting the scene and have some rendered still images for Monday.

    And again, I think we have a terrific variety to choose from and people should not take my comments as preferring one image over another. A lot of my decision is based on appropriateness to the play and the practicality and flexibility of the different ideas. When we do pick a direction, it does not mean it was the “best”, it means that we thought it would work with our aesthetic and practical requirements.

    I’ll post my comments a little later, but I agree, this is a great selection!

  5. Starting with the Interior, I think that #2, #3 and #5 each have some qualities that I think would work well. If we are interested in setting a time and place of 14th century, I think #2 and #3 do that well. One is more realistic while the other is a metaphor. #3 would need some work in terms of lighting and composition as well as more elements. #5 is interesting if we want to be more modern and play with the dome aspect.

    For the Nature exterior, many of those seem like they could work and I would like to hear what Laura has to say about them. I agree, some tree and motion elements could be nice here.

    For the Urban exterior, again many could work well but I find myself drawn to #1, #3, #5, #6, #8 and #10. #6 is very fire-oriented, not sure how it would translate to other urban scenes like the town celebration and flag scenes. I like the metaphoric nature of scene #5 and #8, they seem like they would be very flexible. I also like #3, the lights in the background are meant to be city/building lights and I could see those changing depending on the scene. An interesting mix of modern and old. #10 is actually a cathedral that has been digitally destroyed, I think as a concept and animation that could work well.

    As we narrow these down, perhaps it’s a good idea to think of how they will work together as a group. That may be the determining factor, since many are nice we need to think of the overall look and feel of the play.

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