in transit

in transit

This installation includes sculpture, drawing and an interactive video projection to create an imagined landscape. The interactive video allows organic forms to move slowly across a barren landscape. Made shortly after relocating to Colorado, the imagery explores the sense of scale and textures that are unique to Colorado.

Flocks of birds mimic the viewer’s┬ámotion, creating a sense of scale and immersing the viewer into the landscape.

Five 3D printed nylon sculptures appear to be fossils of organisms and were mounted to one wall of the room. Another wall was covered with eight drawings pinned up in a grid arrangement. The drawings on paper were based on an algorithmically generated computer model, as are all of the images and sculptures.

Download the Mac OSX version of in transit (64MB .zip file)

format: HD, length: infinite looping, media: graphite on paper, 3D printed nylon, mac-mini, LCD projection, 2 channel sound; completed: 2010