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UROP Grant

I was the Undergraduate Research Opportunities (UROP)sponsor for Alison Colby, who was awarded a UROP grant to attend a 2 day workshop in Boulder called “Making Digital Work”. Alison presented a Manifesto for Digital creatives in the 2012 UROP fair held on the Anschutz campus. Alison also presented to design classes at CU Denver, presenting her work and sharing what she learned from the workshops.

Joan of Arc: a Constellation of Voices

a performance work in an immersive environment

Original Score by Carlton Bacon
Conceived and Developed by Laura Cuetara
Art Direction by Bryan Leister
Light Design by Daniel Neafus
Featuring Dan Hiester, Petra Ulrych, and Dylan Hiester
Set Design and Animation by UCD students in Digital Design
Performed at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science
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Digital Body – Kinetic Sculptures

This fall students in interactive design will be collaborating with sculpture students on a kinetic sculpture project about the Digital Body. I am very interested in the topic of how we are existing today, whether our online state is significantly different from our off-line. Continue reading Digital Body – Kinetic Sculptures

Green It

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Green It was produced by students in the University of Colorado Denver (UCD), College of Arts and Media Digital Design program with music from the UCD Music department . It is a full dome motion piece that premiered at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science in the spring of 2009. You can view the movie here, but it is not really possible to experience the film outside of the full dome environment.