One Earth | One Dream Film Festival

My short film drop screened at the One Earth | One Dream Film Festival sponsored by the Endangered Planet Foundation. October 3-4, Laguna Beach, CA.

The Endangered Planet Foundation mission is dedicated to ensuring the survival of the Earth through the arts, education, dialog, the dissemination of knowledge and the recognition that advances in technology can provide many of the answers which will lead to a sustainable future. West Coast’s Premier 2009 Environmental Festival, featuring Innovative Exhibits, Art, Environmental Awareness, Healthy Living, Films, Music and Notable Speakers. Connecting the Arts, Innovation and Entertainment with the Environment.

Site Design with Word Press

Today I have decided to start redesigning my site using Word Press. I have previously used Drupal, although mostly as a testing platform. I like WordPress because I think a blog format for my new site design makes the most sense and will allow me to easily update everything in one place.

One of my main goals in a new design is to integrate my exhibitions, images and documentation so that it is all easily accessible in multiple formats. I plan to have a PDF printable version of my CV page, as well as all of my documentation. I have already found that integrating WP plug-ins to be very enjoyable and productive. If you are viewing this on an iPhone, I have implemented the WPTouch plugin so that the page works like an iPhone App.

As I progress, I will talk about what I have done to create the design.


My interactive piece hypocenter was accepted into the Digital Nature exhibition at the Denver Botanical Gardens.

The juried show is described by Rachel Murray, curator as:

“Featuring art and music by: Noisefold, Equulei, offthesky, Tess, Movax, Bryan Leister, Daniel McGlynn, Chrissy Espinoza, Acre Collective and David Fodel, Sarah Soriano and Leo Kacenjar.

This is the second year that local and national artists and musicians will come to Denver Botanic Gardens to present their explorations of the intersection of the digital and natural worlds. This year, the artists will focus on themes from the Jurassic Gardens exhibit: evolution and extinction. Artists working in digital media can create systems that have a life of their own, evolving according to conditions created by the artist.

Santa Fe artist Cory Metcalf and Dallas artist David Stout have created one such system. NoiseFold is an interactive visual-music-noise performance that draws equally from mathematics, science and the visual and sonic arts. This networked performance duet explores the use of infrared and electromagnetic sensors to manipulate and fold virtual 3-D objects that emit their own sounds. The result is a sonic and visual landscape that is otherworldy and yet somehow grounded in nature.

The other nationally known artists and musicians will present a wide variety of interpretations of the theme. Some of the art is interactive, including a make-your-own LED flower table and the chance to make your own electronic music.”

Visual Arts MFA Visualization Program Development

A committee to design a new MFA program in visualization for the Visual Arts Department, College of Arts and Media, University of Colorado Denver. Duties include research of existing visualization programs, curriculum development and developing a mission and vision for the program.

The University & College Designers Association

39th ANNUAL UCDA DESIGN COMPETITION (2009) – Excellence Award for a cover that I did for Pinnacle Magazine.

The print judges of the 39th Annual UCDA Design Competition evaluated nearly 1,300 entries, awarding 291 awards — 16 Gold Awards, 17 Silver Awards and 258 Awards of Excellence.

“The UCDA was founded in 1970 as the nations first and only association for professionals involved in the creation of visual communications for educational institutions. Over the years, it has grown to an organization comprised of more than 1000 members throughout the United States and Canada.”